ASRI 130.90 Taxiway A6

Bakersfield Jet Center by Loyd's Aviation is the only full-service Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Meadows Field in Bakersfield, California. We were founded in 1958 and have built a reputation for the best service in the region. In March of 2009 we opened a new front-line facility, Bakersfield Jet Center, which includes a 3.5 acre aircraft parking ramp as well as state-of-the-art customer facilities. Please join us at our new facility to experience our comprehensive aviation services.
  • Fuel and ground services, 24-hours, 365 days a year
  • Aircraft charter
  • Aircraft sales and management
  • Piston and turbine airframe and engine maintenance
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aircraft storage
  • Recreational vehicle storage

Employee Spotlight

Poem by Ryan Crowl

If you’re looking for someone who’s welcoming all year, He’ll greet you with a smile and an attitude of cheer.

Alert and sharp except for pre-morning light; Waking up early might be his kryptonite.

He’ll tackle any problem, whether major or minor, He’s always got a smile, and a cheesy one-liner.

His wits are quite quick and often are wry, He uses strange words like chipper and spry.

With vigor he’ll accept any task that we ask; He’ll type up a note, or pick up food from the Basque.

He makes sure our customers’ experience is one that is great; That’s why he gets “Thank Yous” from those who appreciate.

He does a great job, and will tell you he’s fantastic; But whatever Ken says, it’s sure to be sarcastic!

Ken Casparis

Awarded employee of the fourth quarter - 2015

Current fuel pricing:
100LL $5.45
Jet-A $4.29 OTD

Ask about volume discounts!